Mon 22 Oct 2018 15:57

Whitton Lions turned up to Tywford Avenue physically but not mentally in the first half, although James started the game brightly, chipping ahead regathering the ball and racing the rest of the field to score - Wasps 0 Lions 7

From then Whitton were pinned down on their line, there was great defence from the likes of James, Dan, Graeme and Ryan though, Wasps came back with two tries.Wasps scored a third and Whitton were down 19-7.

Whitton looked to have replied but the referee deemed Paul’s foot to be in touch for what would have been another great kick and regathering try.

Whitton did reply eventually though with Angert popping a forwards ball to the rampaging Zak (Eds note - Rampaging was Zaks choice of adjective) stormed up the field before eventually being felled by a tackle from behind. From the breakdown though the ball was then shipped wide with Adam juggling the ball around his back and scoring under the posts.

Half-time Wasps 19-14 Lions

In the second half the Lions showed what they were capable of with great defence and rucking, with Leo having a great game in these areas. With descsions not going in Lions favour, Wasps kicked a penalty to move 22-14 ahead and Whitton had more tries disallowed and decisions go against them; including a well-placed box kick by Angert chased and touched down by Paul that was deemed to have gone out of play without the aid of a Wasps player. 

Whitton did finally reply with Zak picking and going and swerving to the right, and then cutting back inside before being tackled; and then the ball being shipped wide to Andy on the right wing who managed to offload back inside to Larry to bring Lions to within 1 point - Wasps 22-21 Lions

Wasps again kicked another penalty to move to 25-21 and despite the Lions best efforts to crash through, the scoreboard stayed the same. Although the Lions lost, the second half showed the intensity the young Lions team is capable of.

Tries: James, Adam Larry.
Kicks: Ryan 3/3 conversions 0/1 penalties.


1 Henry 2 Luke 3 Graeme
4 Zak 5 Tom
6 Ryan 7 Leo 8 Pete
9 Angert 10 James
12 Adam 13 Dan Mac
11 Andy 14 Simon 15 Irish Paul
16 Omar 17 Larry

Special mentions must go to Henry in his first game as a Lion, Tom on his first game back from injury and Graeme for a tackle that must have rattled some kind of bones. Big thanks for Larry and Pete for lending a hand.

Man of the Match was Leo Hagan for great work in the tight areas of the game.
Dick of the Day goes to Irish Paul for being yellow carded whilst off injured though this may have something to do with Ryan and the referee.

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