Sat 11 Feb 2017

Whitton Lions RFC
Ealing RFC

We Won!!!

Team Sheet

  1. Alejandro
  2. Grayme
  3. French Matt
  4. Big Zak
  5. Big Dan
  6. Ryno
  7. Cam Cam
  8. Wayno
  9. Eddie
  10. Speedy Saxby
  11. Danny Wheels
  12. Hobnob
  13. J.Jizzle
  14. A.Murph
  15. Finn McCull


  1. Angert
  2. Larry
  3. Simon
  4. Paddy
  5. Big Joe


Lions Den

Whitton Lions, thanks in no small part I’d say to their friends the Old Isleworthians, roared their way to victory on a cold but heart warming day in the shadows of Twickenham Stadium. Whilst the Eddie’s Red Roses were enjoying their pre-match build up in Cardiff, J.J’s destroyers were warming up and stretching out at the Lion’s Den with a hint of snow in the air, but the excellent playing surface was showing no signs of frost and the game was cleared to proceed.




Scrum half Eddie gave the ball to Cam who cut the type of line that normally allows a big strong lad to attract a couple of tacklers, find the floor, re-set and get on with it. But Cam is a very big strong boy and his leg drive put pay to the comparatively feeble efforts of three tacklers and he bulldozed the retreating full back to score, quite away from the posts, but this time Danny stepped up to slot the extras with ease.

Special mention should go to the restart kick chase. That being repeatedly executed as a high kick to the left, approximately 15 metres into the opposition half, allowing Cam a run up and to absolutely smash the bejeezus out of the poor Exile that caught it. Happened nearly every time. It was beautiful to watch.
The points duly added to the total, Lions were 21-21 heading into half time. The Exiles of Ealing had come storming back into it, all was to play for, with a strong bench Captain J.J. introduced new blood and allowed the first half’s injuries to be rested.

The second half was a tale of the Lions defending stoutly and scoring two converted tries, which in spite of significant pressure from Ealing proved to be enough. The defensive effort took it’s toll with Captain J.J. and tackle bag man of the match Grayme both withdrawing in the final 10 minutes with injuries that would see them glad of a week off the following weekend. At 35 – 28 the final score reflected what was a tight encounter, but one where the Lions were better than they had been all season and with more composure could’ve been more comfortable.

Lessons learnt include:

  • Fat boys, give the ball to the fast boys and run after them til they fall over
  • When they fall over, go over and make sure they don’t lose the ball
  • The opposition 22 line does not mark the start of a minefield, play there as you would on halfway and you’ll likely as not score
  • If in doubt, give the ball to Cam. No seriously, give him the ball.

That’s all, pictures attached courtesy on the Jones family. Thanks all.